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Three Big New Gaming Trends: Play To Earn, Etc.

Are you wondering about the biggest new trends in digital gaming? We’re on top of a lot of this new stuff as it occurs. Here are some of the interesting things to know about how online and digital gaming is working today.

Play To Earn

There is a very new philosophy in online gaming that’s based around a new way of rewarding players.

It’s called play to earn, and it works this way – in-game rewards help to grow a player’s bankroll and keep them engaged and motivated to keep playing. This is fundamentally different than the old way of casino gaming – in fact, it’s the opposite. You may be used to hear people talking about how the “house always wins” in gaming, and it’s made people fatalistic. They still played, but they thought about the end of the night, when they would lose their whole stake and have to go home.

“Play to earn” is revolutionary in this regard. It leverages the power of digital assets and frictionless transactions to enrich and reward the diligent player through things like bonuses, bankrolls, rate backs, and more.

If you’re into digital gaming, you owe it to yourself to check out the play to earn concept and how it’s integrated in our site.

Meta-Verse Gaming

Meta-verse gaming is getting big. It’s growing quickly. We accommodate this with our NFT services and a player’s ability to transact on their NFTs, buying or selling NFTs through our specific marketplace. Take a look at 2D and 3D animated NFTs and how we utilize augmented reality to provide an environment for these assets.

In our view, this is really something that companies can’t afford to ignore. The meta-verse is rushing at us at 100 miles an hour, but a lot of people still aren’t thinking about how this is going to revolutionize various industries including gaming. In the gaming sports world, it’s particularly relevant in a few key ways. Check out the rest of the website for more.

Gamification of Routine Tasks

You want your athletic audience to be engaged with your brand. One way to do that is to embrace the principle of gamification.

This is one of the more long-standing trends that predated things like play to earn. As the Internet grew and matured, it became a place where people could offer gamification services directly through a browser. Even though a browser is inherently a stateless platform, cookies and beacons and other additions allow for save-game data, and companies started to build gamification. into their sites. This is abundantly common today, and we take note of this in our own online digital service models.

Talk to Fanisko about your fan base and how new modern digital trends can help improve your relationship with your fans!


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