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Fanisko Metaverse — The Panchia Space

You are one of the billions of sports fans on our planet earth. Our earth orbits the sun in the solar system. The sun is one star among the billions in the Milky Way galaxy. Our Milky Way galaxy is one among the billions of galaxies in our universe. You are unique in the Universe!

Our Metaverse story happens in The PANCHIA Space, an imaginary spiral galaxy that is 5 million light years away from Earth. Our explorers have discovered planets in that galaxy where inhabitants renounced violence after 1000 years of bloodshed and loss of lives to play a game of rigid wood and mighty ball, that we call “Baseball” on Earth.

The Panchia is the brightest external space visible from the earth’s southern hemisphere. In a dark sky, it’s seen as a smudge of distant light bigger than a full moon.

The multiple planets discovered in the Panchia Space are uniquely made up of Water, Fire, Thunder, Acid, and Grass. Aside from these, explorers have also identified one common resource called Zoharium present on the planets in the Panchia Space. The inhabitants leverage Zoharium as a catalyst to power their abilities. But Zoharium’s usage is limited and controlled by the royal lineage. However, over the years the planet’s inhabitants have developed special skills and abilities to survive and adapt to the changing geopolitical and natural environment.

In the Panchia Space, interplanetary travel happens through Zaaloop – a teleporting pathway that connects all the worlds. The control of Zaaloop has led to great wars and bloodshed in the history of the Panchia Space. As civilization progressed, the planet’s elders renounced violence and armed struggle in favor of the sport of Baseball to resolve the control of Zaaloop and supreme authority of the six worlds. The elders also agreed to create an elite team called Vothrak Khalasar which consists of the finest, mightiest, ferocious,

and herculean warriors from all the planets to manage Zaaloop and protect their worlds from external threats and invasion.

This has helped restore peace and happiness in all the worlds in the Panchia Space and inhabitants have embraced sports as a matter of pride in their everyday lives. Ever since the Baseball championship has been played every year with a lot of fanfare and the winner gets honored at the Fanisko Coliseum, the biggest edifice in all of the Panchia Space.


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