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Fanisko Metaverse — An Overview

Over the past year, the term Metaverse has gained significant traction with many definitions around immersive virtual experiences, a decentralized community with a creator economy of its own supported by the Blockchain infrastructure collectively called Web3.0. Metaverse is powered by AR, VR, and 3D technologies via content, services, gaming, etc., to merge the physical and virtual worlds. Metaverse is the successor to the mobile internet era as emerging technologies continue to push our traditional notions beyond borders with new inventive use cases across all sectors. Sports has always been a great industry to adopt innovative technologies and Metaverse seems to be the next logical step in connecting fans digitally to elevate fan engagement to a new level of creativity.

Fanisko is a sports metaverse company that uses unique fan interaction technologies to assist sports fans and organizations engage and generating additional premium income. We have extensive experience in Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, and Fan Engagement. We provide next-generation fans with Social AR, Web gamification, and App fan interaction tools. Our platform assists sports organizations in engaging, retaining, and monetizing their fan base. We have collaborated with a number of major sports organizations to provide fans with immersive experiences. We have engaged millions of fans globally and assisted our partners in growing their fan bases.

Sports has been a unifying connection for many people, including us, the founders of Fanisko. However, sports fans have been just spectators with little access to the sports digital economy. Fans may gain greatly from the booming digital economy in sports by participating in Metaverse and NFT games. Fanisko will enable ordinary sports fans to monetize their sports passion and devotion across all sports and regions.

The Fanisko Metaverse league attempts to bring together Baseball games and players from multiple Fanisko-created worlds on a single field. This is our first Metaverse game, and we are including the best features and components of blockchain technology. Fanisko Metaverse League is more than a game; it’s a portal to an exclusive baseball player with extraordinary abilities from all over the world, and with our very own “Metaverse,” members of the community will be able to purchase the listed NFTs and compete in numerous top leagues.

Our web3 solutions enable fans to buy baseball NFTs from our own marketplace (coming soon) and use them in Metaverse games to compete and earn rewards. Many more sports NFTs and Metaverse games will be available in the future. We now have a plan and launch schedule in place for three distinct blockchain games over the next several months, in which fans will be able to manage the whole franchise and acquire rare players, properties, and components.

Stay tuned to hear more from us! Let’s meet in the Metaverse!


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