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Broadcasters and OTT

Redefining Fan Engagement for Broadcasters and OTT Platforms


Fanisko invites broadcasters and OTT platforms to embark on a transformative journey of fan interaction. Our cutting-edge fan engagement solutions are crafted to elevate your content delivery, fostering a dynamic and immersive connection with your audience 24/7/365.


Why Fan Engagement Matters for Broadcasters and OTT Platforms


In the competitive landscape of broadcasting and OTT, engaging viewers goes beyond content availability. Fan engagement is the linchpin for building viewer loyalty, increasing watch time, and establishing your brand as a leader in the industry.


Fanisko's Pioneering Solutions


Interactive Viewing Experiences

Turn passive viewers into active participants with interactive elements seamlessly integrated into your broadcasts. From real-time polls to interactive quizzes, Fanisko enhances the viewing experience and keeps fans engaged.


Content Personalization

Tailor content recommendations based on viewer preferences, creating a personalized streaming experience. Fanisko's advanced algorithms analyze viewer behavior to deliver content that resonates, ensuring maximum viewer satisfaction.


Live Event Interaction

Connect with viewers in real-time during live events, premieres, and broadcasts. Fanisko's real-time interaction features, including live chats and exclusive behind-the-scenes access, create a sense of community and excitement.


Sectors We Serve


Live Sports Broadcasting

Enhance sports coverage with interactive features, fan polls, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Fanisko ensures that sports enthusiasts feel actively involved in the excitement of every match, increasing viewer engagement and loyalty.


Entertainment Streaming

Immerse viewers in the world of entertainment with interactive campaigns, virtual premieres, and gamified experiences. Fanisko's platform transforms casual viewers into active participants, creating a vibrant community around your streaming platform.


News Broadcasting

Revitalize news-watching with real-time discussions, live Q&A sessions, and interactive news updates. Fanisko ensures that viewers stay engaged and informed, fostering a sense of community within your news broadcasts.


OTT Platforms

Elevate your OTT platform with personalized recommendations, interactive watch parties, and virtual events. Fanisko turns casual subscribers into dedicated fans, increasing retention and satisfaction.


Transform Your Broadcasting Experience:


Join Fanisko in revolutionizing fan engagement for broadcasters and OTT platforms. Transform your content delivery into an interactive and immersive experience, fostering brand loyalty and building a community that actively participates in the excitement of your broadcasts.

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