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Virtual Reality (VR) - NTPC

Powers Up Safety with VR: Largest Training Project in India

Business Challenges

National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), India's largest coal-based power company, needed to effectively train its vast workforce, including both new hires and experienced employees, on crucial safety protocols. Traditional methods often presented logistical challenges and limitations in replicating real-world scenarios.


  • Custom VR Modules: 50 immersive VR modules were developed, each lasting 5-10 minutes and totaling 300 minutes of content. This comprehensive library covered a wide range of OSHA-standard safety protocols.

  • Enhanced Learning: VR training placed employees in realistic power plant environments, allowing them to practice procedures and experience potential hazards in a safe, controlled setting. This immersive learning approach improved knowledge retention and preparedness.


  • Scalability & Efficiency: With 500 new hires joining NTPC annually across 27 plants, the VR program efficiently trains 500 employees each month, ensuring consistent safety standards throughout the organization.

  • Mandatory Training: NTPC has made VR training mandatory for all new joiners and contract workers. This ensures a baseline level of safety awareness before employees access power plant sites.

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