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Salesforce Implementation

Global Leader in Personal Aviation - Soars with Speedier Quotes: 60% Faster Turnaround Time

Business Challenges

Client needed to streamline their quote generation process for complex, customized aircraft. Sales teams were bogged down by manual configuration and lengthy document creation, hindering deal closures.


Our comprehensive automation Solution addressed these issues:

  • Product Bundles: Aircraft models were configured as packages, simplifying selection and pricing.

  • Configurable Options: Over 200 options allowed for detailed customization within each package.

  • Regional Pricing: Domestic and international pricing structures were automatically applied.

  • Image Automation: Templates housed 50+ condition-based images, automatically rendered into the quote.

  • Conga Integration: The Conga platform's document assembly rules ensured quick and accurate PDF generation.


  • 60% Faster Turnaround: Quote generation time plummeted, accelerating sales cycles and deal closures.

  • 200+ Options: Sales teams now offer a wider range of customizable aircraft packages.

  • 25+ Templates: Streamlined templates allow for quick quote creation.

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