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Streamlining Recruitment Process for PeerIslands to hire rockstar technical resources

Business Challenges

PeerIslands, a high end digital transformation services company faced the challenge hiring rockstar technical resources


  • Highly Selective Approach: Meticulous screening by Fanisko reduced candidate pool to highly skilled individuals.

  • Time and Cost Savings: Fanisko spent 120 manhours per candidate in initial screening, reducing subsequent interview time. PeerIslands' team spent an average of only 3 manhours per candidate, resulting in substantial savings.


  • Efficient Recruitment Process: Streamlined interviews for a more efficient selection process to get resource who are 5x rockstars.

  • Significant Time Reduction: Remarkable decrease in man-hours per candidate for PeerIslands.

  • Cost Savings: Drastic reduction in interview-related costs, enhancing budget efficiency.

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