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Mobile App Development

Bridges Tech Skills Gap: 30% User Growth, Places Thousands in Top Jobs

Business Challenges

Revature was facing a challenge of lack of digitization and keeping candidates sourced and engaged. Recruitment process was manual and training typical.


Through Fanisko’s white labeled mobile app, Revature was able to offer:

  • Intensive training programs: to equip individuals with in-demand tech skills like software development

  • Hands-on Learning: Immersive curriculum focuses on real-world application, ensuring job readiness.


  • Empowering Individuals: Revature trained candidates within the app platform providing immersive & interactive learning experience and placed thousands in top tech firms, creating rewarding career opportunities.

  • Mobile Engagement: 30% user increase and a 41% rise in Daily Active Users (DAU) demonstrating the platform’s success and helped companies fill critical roles.

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