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Healthcare Data Analytics

Scores Big with Big Data: Reducing Readmissions & Boosting Patient Care

Business Challenges

BCBS of Illinois (BCBSIL) recognized the immense potential of healthcare data to improve patient health outcomes. However, leveraging this data effectively required a sophisticated solution to identify gaps in care, target interventions, and ultimately reduce medical costs.


Fanisko partnered with BCBSIL to develop a groundbreaking big data platform. This comprehensive solution addressed crucial needs:

  • Data Aggregation: The platform ingested data from various sources, including claims, EMR, prescriptions, enrollment data, lab results, and industry benchmarks. This centralized data hub provided a holistic view of member health.

  • Advanced Analytics: Powerful data analysis tools identified areas where care could be improved. By pinpointing gaps in preventative care or medication adherence, the platform allowed for targeted interventions. Actionable insights on member health risks and opportunities for intervention were presented.

  • Enhanced patient care, leading to improved member health outcomes

  • Reduced readmissions - dropped from 15.9% to 13.5% translating to lower costs

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