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Generative AI

Fanisko realizes the demand for Generative AI powered solutions in the market due to various bottlenecks in the industries.

Business Challenges

Businesses face challenges in digital engagement and tech hiring, struggling with personalization, efficiency, and scalability. A solution leveraging Generative AI could address these industry-wide bottlenecks.



Get personalized user engagement with a persona based Chatbot, Smart Recommendations, AI Image Generation & Easy turnkey integration into your existing ecosystem.


Make every moment special with personalized celebrity video messages. It uses AI to create deep fakes, letting users customize messages, and offers easy an intuitive video creation flow.


Streamline your hiring process with AI. It automates screening, objective scoring, assesses skills with MCQs & coding questions, & empowers managers with flexible oversight to ensure a bias free hiring process that is efficient and viable.


This scalable solution enhances user experiences and optimizes recruitment, driving business growth and efficiency.

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