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Gamification - Yuva Kabaddi

Scores big with Fanisko: Engagement Soars, Recognition Grows

Business Challenges

Yuva Kabaddi faced a triple threat: a limited fanbase, low media coverage, and struggling fan engagement. This stagnant support limited the sport's growth and overall recognition.


Fanisko’s gamification app addressed all three challenges by offering:

Real-time Updates: Fans stayed glued to the action with live scores, stats, and in-game commentary, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the matches.

Gamified Fan Experience: Trivia quizzes tested their Kabaddi knowledge, while polls allowed them to predict game outcomes and share their opinions with the community. These interactive elements kept fans actively participating and coming back for more.


  • League witnessed heightened engagement, leading to increased accessibility and recognition.

  • Fans actively participated in contests, fostering a stronger connection with the sport.

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