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Cyber Security

Custom solution to improve Identity Visibility across Sox, Soc1 and Soc2 applications

Business Challenges

The security organization was struggling to meet audit compliance requirements with terminated users still having active access on critical Sox, Soc1 and Soc 2 applications across 50,000+ employees across the world


  • Converted an in-house IT operations system into an Identity Access Management system saving $3M by avoiding the critical buy decision for a Vendor software and professional services

  • Developed a strategy to ingest data from both on-prem and cloud applications, integrated and enhanced the user life cycle management process with all access provisioning and deprovisioning of users accounts for joiner and leaver workflows

  • Expanded the capabilities in the in-house system to offer Access review features saving 10,000 man hours and eliminating complex manual processes with spreadsheets for a more  automated workflow


  • The CISO office was able to pass external audit with ZERO deficiencies with remarkable improvements in managing their internal identities and user accounts

  • The strategy and implementation paved the way to continue onboarding remaining 100s of applications in the organization to bring visibility of user accounts across the organization

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