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AWS Cloud Implementation

Cloudops | SecDevOps - Deploy solutions on the cloud, optimize and implement cloud security

Business Challenges

Customer facing application with multiple modules and integrations that can scale exponentially with high performance needed to be deployed on AWS cloud infrastructure as a cost optimized solution


  • Developed a cloud adoption strategy identifying the AWS components for compute, storage and scaling and implemented the solution leveraging the best practices

  • Optimized the infrastructure to the best possible cost option with auto scaling the cloud services up and down based on the user traffic

  • Implemented the AWS Security technical review guidelines to address any cloud security vulnerabilities and improved protection to data without compromising the performance of the application


  • Faster “Go To Market” solution implementation that offered greater “Return on Investment” that’s high performance, scalable and secure

  • Built for the future with expandable solutions that allowed for additional functionalities and modules to be seamlessly integrated into the overall infrastructure

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