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Augmented Reality (AR) - Jio

Swings Sixes with AR Cricket Experience: Innovation Drives Subscriber Growth

Business Challenges

Jio sought to attract cricket fans and expand its subscriber base through unique digital experiences for the 2023 IPL season, leveraging its advanced 5G network.


Fanisko delivered an immersive AR experience, featuring:

  • AR Kitroom: Virtual merchandise try-on allowed fans to interact with team gear, fostering deeper team connection.

  • AR Squad Selfie: Interactive player interactions brought fans closer to the action, showcasing the power of Jio's 5G network.


  • Soaring Subscribers: A significant increase in new subscribers highlights the effectiveness of the campaign.

  • Fan Buzz: Engaging features generated excitement, strengthening Jio's brand image and showcasing its commitment to cutting-edge technology.

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