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Augmented Reality (AR) - ICC

Scores a Six with Fanisko's AR Hub: 100,000+ Fans Captivated by Immersive Cricket

Business Challenges

Traditional broadcasts, while enjoyable, lacked the immersive experience craved by the modern audience. Engaging younger demographics and keeping fans glued to the action was paramount.


Fanisko delivered a revolutionary solution - an Augmented Reality (AR) experience integrated seamlessly into the ICC App for the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

  • Immersive 3D Cricket: Fans felt transported to the heart of the action, experiencing the game in a captivating 3D environment.

  • Real-time Player Data & Statistics: Overlaid directly onto the live broadcast, fans gained deeper insights into player performance with real-time data and statistics. This level of personalization allowed fans to tailor their viewing experience and truly understand the game's complexities.


  • Massive Uptake: Over 100,000 fans actively used the app within the first 3 weeks of launch

  • High Conversion Rate: An 80% conversion rate during those initial weeks.

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