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Solutions Architect -US

Job Type



6+ Years


US (Remote)

Job Description

The Solutions Architect will play a critical role in leading and managing the successful migration of data center applications. This role demands extensive technical expertise, strategic planning capabilities, and the ability to collaborate effectively with various stakeholders. The Solutions Architect will design comprehensive solution architectures, document migration strategies, and ensure adherence to industry best practices throughout the migration process.

Key Responsibilities

1. Technical Consultation and Strategy Development:

• Serve as a technical expert in data center migrations, offering consultative support to TDMs for complex application migrations.

• Proactively develop migration strategies that anticipate project requirements and address potential challenges.

2. Collaboration and Support:

• Work closely with TDMs to understand specific application complexities and requirements, facilitating tabletop discussions and coordination with application teams.

• Engage with infrastructure leads and other key stakeholders to comprehend the overall project requirements and constraints.

3. Solution Design and Documentation:

• Design comprehensive solution architectures for each application migration, ensuring technical feasibility and alignment with overall project goals.

• Document detailed solution plans, including architecture diagrams and step-by-step migration strategies, in Jira.

4. Infrastructure and Ecosystem Expertise:

• Maintain a deep understanding of data center ecosystems, including hardware, software, network, and security components, to provide informed solutions.

• Collaborate with infrastructure support teams to develop and refine migration strategies, ensuring they are practical and efficient.

5. Stakeholder Engagement:

• Effectively communicate technical plans and strategies to both technical and non-technical stakeholders, ensuring clarity and alignment.

• Act as a bridge between technical teams and management, translating technical details into actionable migration plans.

6. Quality Assurance and Best Practices:

• Ensure that solution designs adhere to industry best practices and organizational standards for security, performance, and reliability.

• Conduct peer reviews of migration plans and architectures, providing feedback and recommendations to enhance outcomes.


• Strong foundation in data center infrastructure, application architectures, and migration strategies.

• Proven experience in designing and implementing complex IT infrastructure and application migration solutions.

• Excellent problem-solving skills with the ability to anticipate and mitigate potential migration issues.

• Proficient in creating detailed technical documentation and architecture diagrams.

• Exceptional communication skills, capable of articulating technical concepts to a varied audience.

• Collaborative mindset with a focus on team success and project objectives.

• Ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and adjust strategies as project requirements evolve.

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