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Senior GCP Data Engineer

Job Type



10+ years


Sunnyvale, CA (Onsite Role, Locals Preferred)

Job Mode


Job Description

We are seeking a highly skilled Senior GCP Data Engineer to join our team for a contract
position with our esteemed clients, Cognizant and Walmart. The ideal candidate will
have extensive experience in SQL, Scala, Airflow, GCP Cloud, and BigQuery. Additionally,
proficiency in Python or Scala for coding tasks is required. The role will involve hands-on
experience with Big Data ecosystems, particularly within GCP, encompassing areas
such as Hive, Cloud Storage, and Authentication.

Key Responsibilities

1. Develop and maintain data pipelines on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using

Airflow for workflow orchestration.

2. Design and implement scalable data solutions leveraging BigQuery for data

warehousing and analytics.

3. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand data requirements and

implement solutions accordingly.

4. Write efficient SQL and Scala code to process and analyze large volumes of data.

5. Ensure data integrity, reliability, and performance throughout the data lifecycle.

6. Optimize data storage and retrieval processes for enhanced efficiency and


7. Implement security measures and access controls to protect sensitive data


8. Troubleshoot and resolve data-related issues in a timely manner to minimize


9. Stay updated with the latest developments in GCP services and recommend best

practices for continuous improvement.


1. Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.

2. 10+ years of experience in data engineering, with a focus on GCP technologies.

3. Strong proficiency in SQL, Scala, and Python for data manipulation and analysis.

4. Hands-on experience with GCP services, including BigQuery, Cloud Storage, and


5. Solid understanding of Big Data ecosystems, particularly within the GCP


6. Experience with workflow orchestration tools like Apache Airflow.

7. Familiarity with authentication and access control mechanisms within GCP.

8. Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

9. Strong communication and collaboration abilities to work effectively in a team


10.H1B visa status is required for this position.

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